Willunga Basin Trail


Section 6:

McLaren Vale to Onkaparinga River National Park

9.1 km moderate hike, Grade3.

Along Chalk Hill Rd then climbing up towards the hills south of the Onkaparinga River via sandy tracks and gravel roads. A steep ascent up a road reserve leads to the Onkaparinga River National Park.

FROM: Chalk Hill Rd

TO: Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park, Chapel Hill Road (Limited car parking on side of road)

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This trail section will eventually go from the Visitor Centre in McLaren Vale.

For now, start on Chalk Hill Rd east of Field St. Walk past Twenty Eight Road and follow path close to the fence and then above a cutting on the northern side of the road. Cross Chalk Hill Rd and continue on the southern side to Foggo Road.

Cross Foggo Road and turn left across Foggo Unmade Road Reserve and continue to Pennys Road. Turn right onto a sand track which is the start of Pennys Rd and follow until Settlement Rd. Turn left onto Settlement Rd and follow the road to where the gravel road becomes a sandy track. Continue on track until the intersection with Foggo Rd. Turn right onto Foggo Rd and follow the road until the intersection with Kays Rd.

Cross Kays Rd and continue onto Amery Rd. Follow a track past driveways and then through big rocks. Ascend on the eastern edge of the deeply rutted track . After a climb to reach a flatter area there is another steep climb before reaching Chapel Hill Rd. Cross Chapel Hill Rd and enter the Onkaparinga River National Park at Gate 22 by the slip-through next to the gate.

Follow Willunga Basin Trail signs to turn right and follow the boundary track inside the park to gate 21 where there is a picnic table

Continue following the Willunga Basin Trail signs along the boundary track to Gate 20. Exit the park through a slip-through next to gate 20.

This point is the end of Section 6 with Section 11 (the link across the Basin) starting at Gate 19 Onkaparinga River National Park across Chapel Hill Rd.


Onkaparinga River National Park (including Hardys Scrub)