Section 5 : there are no or few signs at present between the northern end of Maslin Beach and the southern end of Moana Beach. Please follow path at the edge of the beach, the beach, and rocks near the edge, over this 1.2 km stretch which can be quite challenging.Do not go up onto the cliff which is a conservation area and culturally sensitive.Look out for the marked hooded plover sites. Please refer to Section 5 description.
Section 5: Coast to Vines Rail Trail closed at Main South Rd underpass 9 am-4.30pm between 21/2 and 11/3  and 7am -6.30pm 12/3 and 15/3. Walkers must detour via Pedler Rd, Main South and Griffiths Drive during these periods.
Section 7: there is water up to 650mm (12/2/24) in Peters Creek where the trail crosses.Water may be there for some months although the flow has stopped as measured at downstream guage. Please refer to Section 7 description for advice about wading and options to break this section in two when wading is either not possible or not desired.


SECTION 4: Hart Rd Wetlands to Maslin Beach

9.4 km Moderate Hike, Grade 3                             


FROM: Hart Rd Wetlands (southern end of Rowley Rd), Aldinga Beach, SA 5173

TO: Gulf Parade, Maslin Beach, SA 5170 

The section start is at the edge of the wetlands just south of Rowley Rd. Head west along the path which runs between the Aldinga Conservation Park on your left and a suburb on your right. Soon you will cross into Palmer St which you follow to the coast and you will have walked 1.3 km.

Turning right onto the Esplanade you follow the shared use path, which is part of the Coast Park path, as far as Port Willunga, for 3.8 km. There are many facilities on the way and wonderful views along the coast. At many points there is access to the beach; it is a beautiful and interesting beach but note that you can only get all the way to Pt Willunga at low tide.

On reaching Port Willunga carpark, follow the route past the Star of Greece café, along the edge of the carpark and exit the carpark, just past the toilets and turn right up the ramp. Follow Port Rd straight on, turn left at Water St and walk through into open parkland. Beyond a footbridge, turn left and then right passing the ruin of the Harbourmaster’s Cottage. The route is signed through the dunes and soon joins the cliff path.

The walk along the cliff from here to the Maslins Unclad Beach car park is 2 km. Soon you will reach a deep erosion gully known as Chinaman Gully; Chinese miners on their way to the Victorian goldfields would disembark near here and walk to the Victorian goldfields to avoid punitive taxes. The steps through the gully are difficult and in need of repair. Use with great care.

Just past here, if it is low tide, you may see, a few hundred metres from the shore, part of the bow of the Star of Greece breaking the surface; this ship was wrecked just north of Lions Point in 1888, with many lives lost.

When you reach Blanche Point, where there is some car parking, pass the long beach ramp, which would take you down to the beach and back to Port Willunga. Continue around the headland as the route swings easterly. You are now walking above the cliffs of Maslin Beach. The path comes to a carpark for the Maslin Unclad Beach. Walk through the carpark and at the northern end turn left to walk to a set of concrete steps. 

The steps lead down to the beach. As you descend through the many-hued rocks, clays, and sands, look to the left (south) and you will see the beautiful cliffs, much painted, by SA artists such as Ivor Hele. At the far end of the cliffs sits Gull Rock just below Blanche Point; this is the little white dot on the WBT logo. The southern part of this beach was declared as Australia’s first legal nude beach in 1975. The wearing of clothes is optional here and there is no requirement to remove your clothes.

Turn right at the bottom of the steps. At times of very high tides the water comes to the base of these steps so it would be wise to check the tides. Normally you will be able to walk without getting wet feet. Follow the beach for 1km until you reach the estuary of Maslin Creek where there is a large car park. Wooden stairs take you up to the Section end post.


Beach walking:

  • the Trail is on the beach between Maslin Unclad Beach, from the concrete stairway below the carpark at Maslin Unclad Beach, Tuit Rd for 1km north to the Maslin Creek estuary at Gulf Parade, Maslin Beach
  • part of this beach is a clothing optional beach
  • check for high tides before walking on the beach 

Car parking:

  • Hart Rd Wetlands, Rowley Rd, Aldinga Beach
  • Gulf Parade, Maslin Beach 


  • dogs on lead on the beach 10am-8pm during daylight savings 
  • look out for Hooded Plovers: dogs on lead within 100m of a Hooded Plover sign on the beach and prohibited within 100m of a nesting site which is fenced or has bunting.



When planning a walk please check local weather conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable experience CHECK LOCAL WEATHER 

Fire Danger Ratings

The Trail is closed when the Fire Danger rating is Extreme or Catastrophic. These are Total Fire Ban Days; most likely to occur between the first of November and April. The Trail is in District 2 Mt. Lofty Ranges FIRE DANGER RATINGS


When planning to walk along the beach (Section, 3,4 & 5) it is important to check predicted height and timing of the local tides to ensure access to the beach. CHECK TIDES