Important Information: Trail Status Updates

Section 2: The road crossing of Main South Rd. at Sellicks Hill has changed due to road works as part of the duplication of the Aldinga/Sellicks road.   Concrete barriers now installed on the eastern side of Main South Rd. in front of the Victory Hotel  prohibit the use of our designated crossing. Walkers will need to cross at the main intersection taking extreme care.  The speed limit has been reduced to 60 but this is still a very dangerous crossing.  When road works are completed there will be a safer crossing for walkers but this is not likely to happen for a while. If you are walking the trail a safer option would be to finish Sec. 2 at the Victory Hotel & start Sec.3 at the eastern end of Sellicks Beach Rd.

Section 5: there are no or few signs at present between the northern end of Maslin Beach and the southern end of Moana Beach. Please follow path at the edge of the beach, the rocks near the edge and the beach over this 1.2 km stretch which can be quite challenging. Do not go up onto the cliff which is a conservation area and culturally sensitive. Look out for the marked hooded plover sites. Please refer to Section 5 description. The total distance between Maslins Beach (Frank Hilton Reserve) and Moana at Pedlers Creek estuary is 3.6km.

Section 7: As at 9th July there was water in Peter Creek where section 7 crosses. Max. depth 0.73m. The water is clear with negligible flow. This may change after rain in the catchment area.

Section 8: A detour is in place between the start of the section in Kangarilla and part way through the forest. The detour route follows Glory Rd, Peters Creek Rd and enters the forest off Peters Creek Rd. It then crosses the forest to join Willunga Basin Trail on the northern edge of the forest. This is to avoid Bone Gully Forest which is closed due to Forestry operations.

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While walks continue and the walkers become a walking group, work starts on preparation to be ready to apply for funding to establish the trail. Way pointing of the route is undertaken, landholders other than City of Onkaparinga – Parks SA, Forestry, Field Naturalists SA and a few private landowners, are approached. The aim is to have the trail as much as possible on public land. Committee members present the concept to community groups such as Friends of Aldinga Scrub, Friends of Onkaparinga Park, Trees for Life. Planning is started and sources of funding considered. Detailing costing including estimation of infrastructure required is undertaken.

After public consultation where it received overwhelming support, the Willunga Basin Trail is accepted into the Trails and Cycling Management Plan, a necessary step in applying for funding.

Meeting at the Hub in Willunga between Council officers and WBT Inc is held to consider how to proceed. It was accepted that the trail be on natural surface as much as possible and that it be a walking trail. A pilot project on Edwards URR was agreed upon. In Spring 2017 olives were cleared by council contractors to make way for the trail through there.

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